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Front Page and Research Goals

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GC2.0 Research Wiki


Nearly a decade into the first widespread use of Web 2.0 technologies it is a good moment to pause and look back at the development of some unique communities and initiatives to modernize, innovate, and reform the public service in Canada. Sparked in part by recent discussions on Twitter about the fate of the #w2p community (see: Wither #w2p?) and blog posts by Nick Charney and Kent Aitken, this space can help to capture some institutional knowledge about the formation and evolution of online communities in the Canadian public service created in the intersections of digital technology, policy innovation, and public sector reform. Canada has a unique story to tell in this space, and capturing our collective memory of the past decade is the first step in understanding what this means for the future and other governments facing similar issues.


Research Assignment #1:


Please visit this page to contribute to a timeline of key milestones in the development of online communities in the Canadian federal public service:

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